New member from the Peak District

Hi guys, just joined up, and not actually an MX-5 owner as yet. I hope to become one over the next 3 or 4 months and am currently looking around at various mk2’s. I’ve been reading on here for a while now and it seems a very friendly community. Big Smile

In all honesty i can’t wait to buy an MX-5 and make use of some of the amazing roads in my area and i’m hoping you guys and gals can help and advise me along the way. 


Welcome Paul B,  I live just over The Hill in Macclesfield, but my Parents have lived in, ‘The Capital of The Peak’’ aka The Home of Ferodo over 20 years.  I /We are in the first month of ownership of our MX5.  Loving every minute.


Ric & Carole 

greetings paul     Waving

Well, it’s taken me almost 8 years from this post to finally get to own a 5! Got there in the end though haha


8 years, like it! Did it take that long to find the right car or that long to actually look for one?

2 months after posting this topic I split up with my wife so had a lengthy divorce, which meant I hadn’t really got the cash so it got put on hold. I moved house last June and my next door neighbour had a 5 that really kickstarted my desire again. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and my neighbour said he was selling his car so I snapped his hand off for it. I know exactly what work has been done and how much cash he’s spent on mods etc and I got a bit of a bargain tbh. :smiley:

Welcome to the club Paul, seems you took a while to get here like me (rekon it took me 4 years from first considering an NC to buying my ND). Be sure to wave if you see me about the Peaks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah will def give a wave if I see you about. :+1:t2: Still waiting for my first wave from a fellow owner haha

I like to think of myself as a champion waver but I tend to be left hanging about 50% of the time :cry: Mostly by women it must be said, must be my face or something :rofl: This is despite the standard “stick your hand out where the roof should be” being deployed much of the time! Got a few waves last week now lockdown has eased a bit the 5s are starting to venture back out again, so you won’t be waiting long! Just waiting for me to appear in the “spotted” section.