New Member hankering after an MX-5

Hi All,

Just signed up, new to the forum as, as per the title, I am flirting with the idea of Mx-5 ownership so wanted to learn what I could about them before taking the plunge.

Initially, it started out as wanting a cheap beater for the summer as I think they’re cool to the core regardless and I wanted the experience more than anything else. Having had a look at the prices, they’re very reasonable and so I thought spending a bit more could result in the acquisition of a decent example and, well, here I am, to understand what a decent example is!

As for my motoring history, if you hadn’t guessed, I’m a Honda man having owned 5 Type-Rs (2 x EP3, 2 x FN2, 1 x DC5) and EK4 - won’t lie, I did enjoy tinkering and modding.

We’re going back years (though I still own an FN2) so lost many of my old photos - here’s a few from around the net.

(I hope these work - turns out I can only post one pic)


Look forward to contributing where I can and learning what I can.

Thanks in advance!






Apologies had to split the pics in to separate posts!

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Hi and welcome, nice selection of Honda’s there. I did flirt with the idea of going for the S2000 but they are few more £s than the MX-5 to pick up a decent one, nice looking car

I think you need to state which model you are tempted by, a budget too.:+1:

As for prices, well they are rising, any model really. Dealers, private sellers they are all getting in on the game, supply and demand, they are getting snapped up this year, rather like UK holiday bookings,you know why.

We are an helpful bunch on here, any questions just ask away, you’ll get answers to most questions.
If you know cars you’ll probably know the MX-5 isn’t it without it’s faults, very reliable but rust can be it’s biggest enemy, especially around the rear end, sills and arches. Mk2’s in particular have problems with rust in the front chassis legs too, beware on that in particular.

Here’s a guide to the models, a basic one for starters if you didn’t already know.:+1:

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Morning, thanks for the welcome - it’s appreciated.

Indeed, my first port of call was the S2K only to see prices north of 15K with the more interesting examples up around 20K+ too much for a car that I wanted for 3 months of the year.

As for which MK of MX-5 I want, at the moment I’m not specific; as I said, initially it was about getting into something cheap for the summer, even if it was cheap and rusting. Now that I’m here though Im planning to learn about the car, potentially spend a little more and hopefully identify exactly what I want.

Thanks very much for the starter guide - I’ll be sure to have a nosey through that.

Thanks again!


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… You are sure to receive good advise and suggestions here on what MX-5 you may eventually own…! :slight_smile:

Hi Ahsen, I remember when my journey into MX5 ownership started.

For me I desperately wanted a two seater convertible. I made a tentative leap of faith in 2016 and bought an NB MX5 Arctic with 154,000 miles on the clock, for less than £1,500. :astonished:

Owning that car was fantastic and was everything I ever dreamed of what owning a two seater convertible would be like :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

I have now owned three MX5’s upgrading each time (with a couple of “diversions”into SLK territory along the way).

I now own (and consider myself very lucky to own) a brand new :100: Anniversary MX5.

The car brings a smile to my face every single day, morning noon and night.

Live the dream !

Hi TR and welcome aboard.
I am confident you’ll enjoy MX-5 ownership every bit as much as your Hondas.
As you’ll see, prices vary wildly.
Reasonable, cheap, fun cars can still be had. More money can get you much nicer cars but they won’t necessarily be more fun.
The original MK1 (NA) cars prices are beginning to climb if they are in good shape and top ones can be priced as high as £20K+. Whether they fetch that money is debatable.
The MK2/2.5 cars are generally less expensive but retain much of the flavour of the original cars but perhaps with a smidge more refinement. My car is an earlyish NB bought a few years ago for under £1K.
My original plan was to get a couple of years of fun out of her and move on but, I fell in love. :hugs::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Early MK3 (NC) cars are bottoming out pricewise and can be found for under £3K.
Later folding hard top cars are closer to the £10K Mark.
Finally, the MK4 (ND) cars are becoming reasonably priced now. Peppy performance from the 2ltr motor with light weight, great balance and handling = many smiles per mile.
Whatever you buy you’re sure to enjoy the driving experience. It may simply come down to seeing something that just clicks and pulling the trigger.
Good luck and have fun,
All the best,

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Just sold my trusty Ep3 of 9 years, to get an Nd2. I’m a K20 fan myself. Had a late Fn2 (with LSD) a couple of years ago too. Picked up my MX5 last weekend and loving it, not looked back at all.

I miss my S2k and its fabulous F20 VTEC performance but the Mx5 in NB & ND guise (my experience) are far easier to live with on a daily basis and give me a grin without the need to push as hard as in the S2. I sold my Mk2.5 NBFL to get the ND2 and the level of refinement, mod cons and performance suit me well.
However, I do miss the raw power of the S2 (did I mention that?) and if I had the money and space, I’d get another in a flash.

Hi there & welcome,
I’m just about to list my NC MK3 2008
It’s 2 owner full mazda service history throughout
112k , soft top 2.0 litre sport Bose stereo bilstein spec very good condition in copper red metallic alloys just refurbished immaculate,black leather interior, black hood cleaned & sealed
Only now selling as I have 3.75 NC sport graphite so need to sell to a good home,
If interested give me a call 07793 633812 martin