New member in Milton Keynes

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying this spell of sunshine as much as I am.

Below is my 2018 1.5 RF Sport Nav, my second ever car and the one that’s made me finally fall in love with driving. What a fantastic little thing it is!

Looking forward to getting involved in eventsas the world finally returns to normal again.

Please disregard the terrible parking, there way no one about and it was on a Sunday :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… from an ex MK’er who moved up here, from there, 3 years ago…! The 1.5 RF you have looks lovely… :slight_smile: I hope you are enjoying the wonderful roads that surround MK and the grid is also quite fun when it’s not busy…! Having got my MX-5 since moving, I’m having to discover the local roads a bit, but do miss those down and around MK, Buckingham, Winslow etc…!

Welcome from a fellow MK resident!

Wecome to the club.
Indeed all MX-5’s seem to have the same effect on their owners, they are fun fun fun.

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Welcome to the club!

Welcome from St Albans!

Very welcome and delighted that you’ve been able to find out firstly why driving itself can be a joy and also that you have chance to fall in love with one of these fab little cars in the process!

Hi Ben,
Welcome to the OC, we also have a RF 1.5 132hp.
John & Patricia Solent Region.