New member, looking for history on car

Howdy All, thanks for letting me in.

I know it’s a long shot but I thought Id ask anyway.
Last year I bought a scruffy but solid red 1.6 eunos for seven hundred English pounds. The car has an old looking mx5oc sticker on it, was wondering if anyone might recognise it?
Registration is unusual on it, first 3 figures are IEZ. Car also has Turners Rag 2 on the bottom of the plate.
The guy I got it off in Surrey showed me pics of the car being used on track, and also it clearly has been worked on a lot.
Car had a welded diff when I got it.
Other bits I can see:
Hard top bolts (no hard top)
Black leather (mk2, heated but not wired in) seats
Soft top with heated glass (again, not wired in)
Twin exhaust & aftermarket manifold
K&n filter in housing
Slightly lowered but not coilovers.
Adjustable rear anti roll bar.
Been told the timing has been advanced 13degrees? I don’t know if this is a done thing.

Anyway, I’m waffling. Just wondering if the car rings any bells to anyone, I’d love to find an old build thread if there is one.

Cheers all!

Post a photo of the car, might help.

IEZ is a Northern Ireland plate, meaning the car might have been first registered there, or someone has used a cheap non-year plate.

Advancing the timing is fairly common, especially on the 1.6. Usually though to 14 degrees BTDC, 16 degrees if you run on super unleaded.

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