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Hi fellow MX5 ers. I’m Allen, I have owned my V Special since February 1998. The vin plate points to a year of manufacture of 1993, registered uk Feb 1998. Used mainly in the drier months although it came with a hardtop. It has toured France, Ireland, The Ilse of Man and all over the UK. It has never missed a beat in all of it’s 116200 KM. Last summer the water pump developed a small leak, In December last year looking for something to do during lockdown I thought I’d replace it. It’s now in bits all over my garage. If anyone wants to know the trials and tribulations thus far and I’ll continue the story another time. The photo on the drive was taken the end of September, the ones in the garage last week. Love the forum bye the way and the quality magazine. Pat (the wife) and are looking forward to attending club activities when conditions allow.


Hello and welcome Allen. Love the NA…, and this is the season to get those “need-to-do” jobs done…! And hopefully in the next few weeks lockdown will ease… :slight_smile: Rob

Nice car, and great pics! I love seeing pics of a car being stripped down and rebuilt.

Hi Darren. thanks for the interest, The strip down is complete, just looking for a mk1 1.6 thermostat body to start the rebuild will post as soon as the rebuild starts. Allen

Hi Rob, Thanks for the welcome, Enjoying the the need-to-do jobs but looking forward to getting the NA out in the sunshine again, Allen.

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Looking forward to it!

Love the number plate!

Hi, I have 2 sets the other is HI 2 AHC but the MOT people don’t like them