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Picking up a 2006 NC Sport next week. Looking forward to being part of an active community again (TVR owner in the past). Please be patient with me as I am sure I will have many bone questions!


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Hi Danny

Welcome to the forum. Loads of info for NC’s on the forum and many things that you will need to check when you get yours. (from leaking shuttle grommets to blocked drains). I suspect you are pretty handy around cars if you’ve been playing with TVR’s in the past!


Welcome and enjoy getting your hands dirty :smile:

Welcome from South Central Area (which you will probably been assigned to). Paul and myself co-ordinate the area and look forward to meeting you in the near future. To find our up to date meetings, go to the club diary page, click on the green CATAGORIES button then on South Central. Happy driving. We have a breakfast meet at Henry Street Garden Centre this coming Sunday 15th at 10.00am. Come along and meet us. (In your current car if need be). Alan.

Collected tonight - what a cracking little car. I’m going to enjoy this!


Henry Street Sunday 10.00 am. Ask for Alan or Paul. :grinning: