New member, suggestions?

Hello, I’ve been a member for about a month or so, I forgot to put my pictures up of my NB. Any suggestions on what I can do to get my Mazda looking better. Unfortunately as you can see the paintwork is shocking, as the last owner decided to rattle can the car in primer. So I am in the look for a new spray. It was originally green. Which I’m hoping to put back into green once funds are there. I don’t know if I’m aloud to put this on the section, so apologies. Like I said any suggestions on what to do going forward is much appreciated.

Sorry pictures didn’t come out as I wanted

Racing Green Would Be Fabulous
But the Boot Looks Black Which Would Also Be Cool
My NB Icon is Chilli Orange


Racing green was what I was thinking also. I was thinking black roof, mirrors and a couple of black strips down sides of doors but near the sills area.

I do like ur orange on yours

My first car was a Mark 1 Ford Escort and I put lots of ‘Go Faster’ bits on it [as it they were called in 1979]
It looked great until someone hit it…then hassle with replacing the strips !
It also to be said in them days avoid ‘shiny metallic’ paints for similar reasons
If you have a prang it can be difficult to match up the shade on the repair

2015 ish my PREVIOUS garage managed to prang my Icon taking her too fast off the ramp :rage:
They paid to repair the rear wing but there is definitely a slight shade difference

Also might like to consider whether a change of colour would match the interior ? :thinking:

Depends whether you want to be a ‘purist’ or do something ‘unique’ :open_mouth:

As you say …boils down to funds and like mine [2005] as they age - other matters will crop up :crazy_face:

Best of Luck and Enjoy what ever you decide :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Wow a mark 1 escort. Would love a mark 1. I want the car to be different. The colour inside the car is actually still green. Thank u for the reply’s