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Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself, last week I purchased my first mx5, a 95 Eunos 1.8 auto, needs a few bits doing but that’s half the fun right?! I’ve always wanted a mk1 so I’m looking forward to see what being an owner is all about!


Welcome to the community

Welcome and enjoy👍

Welcome aboard. Enjoy your new steed and have fun fettling her.

Thanks guys, can’t wait for the weekend so I can get out there and get some jobs underway :+1:t3:

Cool steering wheel! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice looking car. Keep her marching on.

My recommendation - get a job lot of “crack it”from screwfix and some safety glasses and gloves (if you get it your eyes you will be upset) - it’s reduced the number of bolts I’ve been shearing on mine by 50%.

Tremendously rewarding both fixing them and driving them.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely pick some up! Anything that can make a task easier can only be good thing

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