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Just thought I’d say hello to everybody. I’ve been a member for a couple of weeks. I bought a mk1 Eunos roadster import at the end of July with 11 months MOT on it. Was hoping to be having a good time driving it in August while the weather was still good. Unfortunately when I got it taxed & insured then went to pick it up I got 4-12 miles from the chaps house on the way home & the gearbox stopped driving in any gear. It’s a 1.8 automatic 1993. Since then I’ve been waiting for him to get it repaired, just keep getting fobbed off though at the minute. When I finally get it home I’ll take some photo’s of it & post em on here

From what I’ve seen on here that’s a lot of knowledge & I think I’m going to be needing it soon

Regards Dek


Hope you get it sorted soon Dek

Hi Dec,

I hope you get it sorted soon and can enjoy some top down driving on a dry sunny day in winter.

Is there any chance of asking for your money back?  

 The weather can still be great for roof off action! Last year I was driving on Christmas morning with the roof down delivering presents  plenty of days in the winter months when it doesn’t rain and it is so quick to put the roof back up when the heavens do open!

Look forward to seeing pictures when its sorted - hopefully soon!

Thanks everybody for the warm welcome

I did say to the guy if its not sorted soon maybe he should look into giving me my money back. I even went to the trouble of sourcing a 2nd hand replacement gearbox from a 45000 mile car and said if he gets it fitted we can call it quits. He said he would get it fitted if I was happy with that. So I took it to him 3rd Sept and he said he’d sort out getting it fitted.
Still here waiting for that to happen.
I’m told it will be fitted by Mon teatime 24th sept
Fingers crossed, hopefully I can drive it before the weather ends up to bad

Hope all goes well for you on Monday

WOULD NOT be waiting for it,id be walking away mate



I think it is quite unreasonable to have waited so long for a resolution.

I would be demanding my money back and resume my search for decent car.


Davyo, Sonue

That was exactly my thoughts, but unfortunately its from a private sale & its a case of buyer beware apparently.
However if it not sorted very very soon I intend to go down that route & if the chap refuses to give me my money back then it will have to be a court case I’m afraid.
I think I should stand a good chance as I only drove the car 4.5 miles when the box kn…ck…d out.

Hopefully though it won’t come to that

Ok the continuing saga for anybody interested.

I managed to get a 2nd hand gearbox as above. To give the chap his dues he finally took the car to a garage to have the box fitted.
Unfortunately I have got the wrong gearbox, so it can’t be fitted to car. Or should I say its been fitted in but this one has more solenoids/ valves than the original. From searching this forum & the net it looks like the one that was in the car is a N4A-EL and the one I got to replace it is a N4A-HL.
I have now got the car at my house and need to try and get something sorted with it. So its time to ask some questions from you all to see if anyone can advise me.
I guess I should ask my questions in the Engine & Transmission Section, so I’ll start another thread there if anyone is interested or can give me any help/advise

Sorry to read your problems are not yet over.