New mk2 owner! Portsmouth

Good evening all!

Just bought my first mx5! It’s a 2000 model mk2 1.8.

I looked at a good few and this was by far the least rusty of them all, it also drove very well with no knocks or bangs. Along with that it was also the cheapest! The pervious owner Richard was a lovely bloke.

It has a few subtle mods, coilovers, stainless twin exit exhaust, k&n intake, strut braces, leather seats and steering wheel.

I’d be interested if anyone knows anymore history on the car as I believe a previous owner had also been a member to the club.

I’ll add a photo :smiley:

All the best,


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Welcome to MX5 ownership !


Hi Tom. Nice car by the looks of it.
Enjoy your top down motoring and feel free to share any pics and accounts of your adventures along the way.
All the best,

Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire. Looks like we’ve got some ideal top-down weather over the next few days…, so enjoy…! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club.
That looks like a low riding NB. It probably sticks to the road, but do you dread speedbumps?

Hi Tom,

Welcome to the MX5OC and you can be assured “Miles of Smiles” in your MX5😁

I am one of the Joint AC"s of Solent Area and you would be most welcome to join us on any of our events and drives.

Take a look at the Solent Area of the Forum and on there our 2021 Programme is published, so you can see if there is anything you fancy coming along to.



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Thank you :slight_smile: they are great fun to drive!

The paint has faded in places but it was the least rusty one I found, I will do really enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

Yes hopefully the sun comes out! Thank you :slight_smile:

It certainly does stick to the road, I’m sure I’ll come across some issues and will only be able to take the long way around on occasions but got to admit I do prefer the lowered look too aswell as the handling :slight_smile: I’ve had some very low cars in the past so fairly used to it!

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Brilliant thank you, I shall keep an eye out for upcoming events :slight_smile: