New MX5 mk2 owner - Chesterfield

Hello all!

After playing with the idea a lot last year, I took the plunge and picked up a mk2 angels edition for a toy, 52,000 miles (Practically a brand new engine compared to what I’m used to!) previous owner an MX5 fan, sadly having to sell his mark 1 and this one due to medical reasons. Needs an MOT, looking forward to getting my hands dirty, and tinkering! List of jobs/mods I want to do to it, hoping to keep it fairly original though. Sadly the number plate is not coming with it, worth a lot more than the car! I did try my luck though.


Welcome from South Yorkshire! Looks like you’ll have some fun bringing it back to life and MOT road worthy. Then the real fun will begin as you’ll be driving anywhere and everywhere you can in it as it’s so much fun to drive!

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Hi there, Welcome ! Looks like you’ve got yourself a real find there :blush: the NB was the first 5 I ever drove, a work colleague had bought a new one and she let me loose on it when only a few days old. Great !

Ps: my advice is get rid of that flippin bamboo I see lurking in the background, unless it’s in a pot. We have one and it’s a pain, there’s no getting rid of them !!! :joy:

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Looking forward to it! :+1:t3:

Thanks for the welcome! The pictures are taken at where I’m collecting it from, I can tell you though the bamboo is firmly planted in the ground haha.

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Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Excellent find and I look forward to see how you get on with your newly acquired NB :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard. Can’t have too many NBs for my money :+1::blush:
I look forward to seeing the results of your tinkering.


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Amazing what a bit of elbow grease can achieve, cleans up even better than I had hoped! The father and I have given her new pads, cleaned the discs, and a full service ready for her MOT tomorrow. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:Pictured next to my daily runner.

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Great work! Hope it flies through the test tomorrow :+1:t2:


Nice job.
We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the MOT :crossed_fingers:

MOT passed!! After repairing a burst brake pipe minutes before the test… :joy:. Few advisories for corrosion, as expected, nothing too scary. Now to insure, tax and hit the road! :red_car::dash:

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Your MX5 is transformed, looks fantastic. Hard work has definitely paid off. Good news on the MOT too :+1:

Happy days mate! Just need this useless weather to disappear so you can get out and enjoy the roof down experience :beers:

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Hello from a fellow Cestrefeldian MX-5! If you see a bloke with roof down in a red ND when it’s about 5’c out, give a way because that’ll be me :rofl:

Hello and welcome from Worksop, North Notts. The car looks fantastic, now it’s time to enjoy.