New MX5 owner from East Cheshire

Thanks for my membership to the club.
Treated myself to a 2014 Venture Sport 1.8i in Titanium Flash.
It brings a big smile to my face every time I drive it,
only had it 4 weeks and love it :slight_smile:
Sorry about the moody shots!


I like your moody shots, makes it look meaty.

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Hi Dobbo, also a new member here from East Cheshire, as of 3 days ago :slight_smile:

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Nice pics, and lovely looking car.
I too have a 1.8 PRHT, a Venture Edition from 2013.
A few hardcore fans reckon a MK3 with a folding hardtop is far from being a good MX-5, especially with a 1.8 engine, but as an everyday car, it is brilliant.

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Cheers Christophe1,

I owned a English reg Mk1 5 years ago, and

this NC is certainly an improvement in comfort and technology.

Really pleased with it, just need to sort out a slight leak in the boot.

Otherwise its great condition 19k miles :slight_smile:



A leak in the boot? Do you know where from yet? The third brake light has been mentioned before as a potential weak spot.

Problem is I have a sloping drive which doesn’t help :frowning:
I am going through all the various weak spots I have read about, rear lights, third brake, aerial, all roof rubber seals also the rubber boot that takes the wire from boot to boot lid.
Its only a small amount of water when we have heavy rain but very annoying.
Wish me luck Ha!

Good luck :crossed_fingers: