New MX5 owner in Derbyshire

New MX5 owner and new to this forum, so hopefully I’ve posted this in the correct place?
Bought the car 3 weeks ago from Norwich whilst on holiday in Cromer. Expensive holiday present, a stick of rock would have been much cheaper.
It’s a 2012, needs a bit of TLC to the bodywork but generally ok. The alloys are currently off the car and being refurbished at Diamond Alloys in Derby.
Planning to join the Owners Club after the summer holidays. Can anyone tell me if the meetings at the Coopers Arms are taking place at the moment?



Hello Andy

You are not far from one of the UK’s finest MX5 specialists Roddisons Motorsport
Sheffield S9 1US 0114 244 5300 ask for Paul.

Enjoy your car


Thanks for that Keith, I’ll look them up


Hi Andy, the meetings at the coopers haven’t restarted yet, but it shouldn’t be too long.

Ok thanks.

That looks a lovely wee peach as is.
Can only get even better.

Back on the road again :grinning:


Wheels look great and suit the car colour.:+1:

Yes I’m pleased with them. I was going for black wheels originally but chose Anthracite.