New MX5 owner, North Tyneside

Hello all

Just bought a brand new MX5 ND Sport Tech RF as my daily driver
Absolutely loving it

Yes, I know everyone says the soft top looks better, but my shoulders didn’t like the process of putting it back up. So electric hard top it is

My other half has a Caterham and was frankly surprised by how well this car drives
So looking forward to country lane drives with other owners
But not track days, that is what the Seven is for

I’ll add a photo when the sun comes back out

Love Louise xxx


Hi Louise from Nottinghamshire, and congratulations on the purchase of your new RF…
You will certainly have many miles of enjoyment in it for sure - Enjoy… :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, have you joined the owners club?

Be nice to see a picture of your new car?

Congratulations Louise!

I have the same car as you (now 4 months old). It’s awesome!

Some people say that there is a lot of wind noise with the roof down, at higher speeds. I beg to differ. In my view, this really only the case if the windows are also down.


Agreed… I did a comparison a couple of weeks ago, and it’s always windows up for me too - Means the heating/air con is more effective too…!


Welcome to the club Louise.
Thanks to the answers on your thread, I have more understanding of the RF.
Love the looks of the soft top when it is down, but I need a hardtop as it would be replacing my PRHT as my daily drive.
Not anytime soon mind.
Happy driving.