New MX5

I am soon coming to the end of my PCP and have visited a couple of dealers to arrange for a new car. However, I have been told that there are no new MX5s available as Mazda have stopped making them due to emission targets. I have been told that a limited number will be available in the new year but that the price will rise substantially. Does anyone know if this will be an uprated model with further improvements?

I bought my new ND ex stock in the clearance sale on September 30 and was given a similar story that production had stopped. I was told that the MX5 was to have revisions to further improve emissions but that power output “might be reduced”.

Hi Nogbad,

I’m far from an expert, but my understanding is as you say, Mazda have ceased production (temporarily or for good) due to the future in cars going towards electric and their variants.

I was initially interested in a fiat spider abarth and that’s when I was informed that that model (produced alongside the mx5 in same factory) ceased 6 months ago, with just a handful of ‘new’ pre reg scattered around country.

When I went to Mazda dealers to test drive a mx5 they were mostly a bit coy about it until I brought subject up and they concurred.

So I believe it’s just what’s out there unless another ‘special ‘ perhaps?

hope this helps 

steve (30th ae soft top)

We have recently got a base model 1.5SE+ on PCH for 2 years it was an in stock example and was registered at the end of June. I wanted to lease one next March but nobody can give any timescales for delivery and from what I was told the 2.0 may never return. We got one of the last NDs out in the leasing world (SE+ at least).

So i wouldn’t hold my breath on getting one any time soon. 



I asked Mazda UK to clarify the situation. This was their reply today 8th Nov 19


Hi Chris, production has been currently paused owing to enough stock for the balance of the year based on current demand.

Production will be restarting in early 2020 with the exact same model, we may however make changes to the colors a
nd specifications to ensure it is still in keeping with market features.

There are no changes to engine, emissions, shape etc, these are likely to be just specifications and combination choices.

Kind regards

I was told by a dealer recently suspension was due to changes in the way import tax will be charged to the dealer, who then has to sort out pricing.

And, other importers will have the same problems.

? has anybody else heard of this.

I don’t think its a Brexit thing, or do I??.


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The main Sheffield dealer wrote to me a couple of days ago with deals on pre-reg 69 plate cars so they must have something in stock.

Please, please, Mazda, bring some bright colours into the palette.  And no, I don’t mean a bright white, grey, black or red.


There seems to be plenty of pre-reg and demonstrator NDs available at the moment. I’ve also been looking at buying a new ND but have put things on hold due to being only offered a pittance for my immaculate NC



I don’t think it is a spellcheck issue more likely a censorship issue. I tried to write the “leave the EU” word in another post for it to be replaced by “Croquet” . Tried putting s between the letters but just got Croque*t ! 

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I got the explanation from the Mazda man on the OC stand at the NEC classic car show  today.

  1. they always reset/tool up this time of year for the new (2020) MY year spec.

  2. there is to be a “penalty” tax based on (2020 ?) emission standards not being met

  3. Mazda will try to absorb some/cut cost but there will be a (small?) increase in price over today.

  4. both 2 ltr and 1.5 will be available.

  5. they may rationalise specs.

think that was all…dealers all know and can take orders.

and…there are still some 90+ 30AE available in the country… :), if only I could afford.



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