New or Refurbished wheels

My mk3 standard wheels are starting to bubble

So do I look at replacing them (high cost) or get them refurbished (cheaper option)

I would like shinny wheels, chrome or mirror polished

Are there any problems with chrome or mirror polished alloys that I should be aware of before I jump

How about shinny silver painted wheel, would they be easier to look  after, live with than chrome

Simplest and cheapest option is to have your wheels refurbished and select the shiniest silver on offer.  I prefer powder coating but you will hear stories about the process causing wheels to crack.

Wheel refurbishment as the same will happen along the line I prefer powder coating though.




It’s not a story

Thanks for posting that link richard

will look to replace wheels rather than referbish

 Chemical stripping and painting is fine

Had mine wet-coated in a “Porsche GT Silver” colour - very nice.