New owner 2006 2.0 NC Sport PRHT

Hi just thought I’d say hello just picked up a 2006 Reg 2.0 NC Sport PRHT Stormy Blue I think is the colour.

Asked a few question already and got some very helpful responses.

Definitley be on here asking more question due to the fact the car does have a few problems so please bear with me…






Welcome to the addiction Bruce.

Welcome to the forum, enjoy your car

Hi Bruce and welcome on board. Don’t be shy with questions, there’s a wealth of Mk3 knowledge on here and most of us don’t bite… 

Thanks everyone

So far need a spare key sorting which i’ve covered in another post.

And fingers crossed a new front wheel bearing seeing the car is making a dreadful noise at the front and bearing replacment looks pretty cheap easy fix…

Should learn to walk away from these deals sometimes!!!











I shall look out for you in Ossett or the surrounding area! 








I shall look out for you in Ossett or the surrounding area! 





Stood parked up at the moment until I get chance to take it to the garage,daren’t use it…so if you see a MX5 that hasn’t moved for a few weeks give me a wave.

Hello Bruce

Ossett around 25 miles from one of the UK’s foremost MX5 specialists Roddisons Motorsport

Sheffield S9 1US 0114 244 5300 ask for Paul.



Thanks Keith.

When up and running hope to take it somewhere like those guys to check over.

Just a time thing really, luckily a second car

I’m actually in the Motor Trade, work for a massive distribution company on Motor Parts so hopefully everything I need should be on the cheap side…But not very mechanically minded enought to tackle jobs myself…Just need to get it to a local garage for them to check out what it needs. 

Like I said earlier thinks it’s a front bearing but wow it makes a racket, enough to scare me from driving it for the time been. 









Stormy blue has got to be one of the best colours 

Yeah must admit it wasn’t my first choice but after months of searching and a getting a bit desperate for a 2.0 sport for my budget…took the plunge and  got this one and must admit when clean and gleaming looks really nice with the darker grey alloys.Needs a bit of minor body repairs but plan on it been a keeper so slowly get it upto scratch.Cheers