New owner in central Scotland


After years of thinking about it, I finally took the plunge and bought a ‘08 NC Sport. Needs a bit of TLC but I guess that’s part of the journey!

Got started during lockdown with new discs and pads all round and callipers painted black, wheels powder coated. Serviced and new diff oil.

All set for first real trip planned to Portree at the end of August.




Very pretty. Love tan leather on the car.

Last time I was in Portree we were on motorbikes and it rained like standing in a waterfall. Also had to go there by ferry, so that will tell you how long ago it was.


Thanks, I wasn’t sold on the tan at first but really like it now!

The last time I was in Portree about 6 years ago it was also possibly the wettest place I have been in the UK. Fingers crossed this time…

Welcome to the club Stuart, happy motoring.



Welcome to the club. Car looks lovely. Hopefully see you on the road