New owner, looking for advice

Good evening,
Sorry mods if this isn’t the correct place to post this, but just wanted to say that after a couple of days of a 2007 MX5, it’s been great so far!
I’ve looked at the affiliated MX Parts (nice) and it’s got me thinking what to spend any spare cash on.
The car seems solid, was up on the ramps today having a laser alignment check and seems ok underneath for its age (I’m no mechanic).
It’s an ‘Icon’ edition, which would appear to me to be not particularly high spec, but with some really nice touches and appears to be completely standard.
What mod do most people go for / think is required / good value?
I’m having the broken speaker sorted by the supplying dealer, and after that thinking of going for a Pioneer Car Play system. But for that sort of money, it might be worth spending on a different / more important upgrade. I do have an annoying rattle (dash?) so if anyone knows a good starting point for that it’d be appreciated :slight_smile:
Anyway, grateful for your thoughts. Sorry it turned into a long post!

Hello and welcome

I’ve got one the same year so getting on a bit now and stuff needs checking and changing.
If you don’t know if it’s been changed it’s recommended to change the long life coolant at around 10 years, good time to do the stat too. Also it’s good to change all oils not just engine but gear box and diff. Also at 64k miles the plugs unless you’ve got proof they’ve been done.
You don’t say how many miles it’s covered but even so a good idea to get all stuff changed if no evidence of the work being done.
Do give it a good check over for rusty bits at 13 years old it will have some. Tyres are a strong talking point on here, make sure you have a decent set on (preferably a matching set) and a proper alignment done, crucial for the safe and good handling of the car.
I’m sure others will add stuff but enough basics there to check over.

Regards the rattle, you can only have a poke around and try and pinpoint where it’s coming from.

Mods to consider, lowering the car, it’ll look a great deal better. A more sportier exhaust back box, better sound and as you say upgrade that head unit, it has limited functions.
All the above I’ve carried out plus loads more :grin: have fun most of all.:+1:

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I bought an lowish millage 06 model last year that had done very few miles in the last couple of years. Here are some of the things I have done to give you some ideas.

  • Alignment - big difference
  • full fluid change - gearbox, diff, engine, coolant - my coolant was filthy and brown, maybe even just water!
  • Brake calliper seized - re-conditioned and decided to change all the discs and pads while I was at it plus new sliders on both fronts -. Nice difference.
    Gearbox turret oil top up - noticeable difference on my 5 speed.
    Swapped to Mk 3.75 door cards - different cup holders that don’t stick out as much
    Changed the scuttle panel grommets
    Cleared the drain holes
    Lots of waxoil - sils doors

As above tyres always come up. Mine has nearly new budgets on it from the previous owner. I have no doubts there are better tyres out there but its hard to justify changing the set, yet.


Ahh…yes missed off the leaky (possible) scuttle grommets, good too you mentioned the drain points (hood)


Get a copy of the digital service record from Mazda if you don’t already have it.

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Hello Matt
Excellent advice from Mick AP & Wardy257.
Engine oil level: keep the oil level at the high point at all times, the MK3 MX5s can suffer
engine problems if the oil level is neglected!!
If you find the dipstick difficult to read, buy a later MK3.5/75 dipstick, really easy to read.
MX5Parts sell them.


Wardy, From where did you get the door card?
I couldn’t see it on MX5 Parts


Message this seller, he was cheap top