New owner Mk1 - Cheltenham

Hi All,

Have been in the fortunate position to finally buy myself a summer only weekend car.
Criteria was: something approaching a classic, but hopefully without the headaches that tend to go with it… small… no roof… and max two seats…

Have always loved the Mk1 and managed to find a late ‘97 1.8i NA (and against every part of my better judgement I bought it blind - pictures and multiple conversations on the phone only).
Slightly mad, yes, but looks like I’ve got a good ‘un. Been garaged most of it’s life and only 37k on the clock.

Two months in and I’m absolutely grinning from ear to ear. Yes the ride’s a little soft, no it couldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding, but there really can’t be many better choices for roof down, sunny b-road action. It’s genuinely every bit as good as it’s reputation.

See you round the Cotswolds!


Hello and welcome from Essex. It looks from the photo you have got a good one :crossed_fingers:and some good weather to use it .

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Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Your NA looks lovely and it’s all about top-down motoring and enjoying it…! Many others maybe faster, but nowhere near as much fun…! :slight_smile:


Blimey that looks fresh.
Sort of example you want wax it whether it needs it or not!
Barely run in…
Any plans to stop it dissolving?
Looks to me to be worth it.

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Hi AC,
It puts my MK1 to shame, it is red but 50 shades of.
Enjoy the weather etc

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To be fair that’s probably the best photo I’ve managed to take, closer inspection and there are a fair few marks, certainly not concours, but good given the age of a mk1.

According to history it’s fairly recently been covered in Waxoyl underneath. Had it on ramps yesterday (separate thread coming up) and certainly looks to be well coated. Sills look good and nothing but a bit of surface rust here and there. Really chuffed given how I bought it.

Went out again early this morning… massive smile on my face the whole time. Even my Mrs (total non car lover, smiles the whole time). There’s obviously all sorts you could buy for similar money to an mx5 but reckon we’ve all nailed it here :smiley:

That looks like a fantastic condition NA! Enjoy your ownership :smiley:

Welcome, your local club area is South West Midlands.

We have a pub meet 1st Thursday of the month and a run once a month (once we get going again…soon)

Meeting are at Ledbury, Tewkesbury and Worcester (they rotate)

We were out at Selsley Walsh yesterday

(Picture by Richard Reynolds)