New owner with my first MX5

Hello everyone, I’ve just purchased my first MX5 from my brother and couldn’t be happier with it. Had toyed with the idea of getting one for years now but kept telling myself I needed a proper commuter car as I do over 50 miles each day to and from work. I’d driven the NB and NC, both stock and BBR versions and loved all of them however the poor fuel consumption of the NB and NC cars always put me off but the Skyactiv was a different proposition with the prospect of returning diesel mpg.

Then my brother bought a ND and set about upgrading it. He’s now moved on to a different beast so I took his ND off his hands, and I have to say it is a little bit special!!

2015 MX5 2.0 Sport Nav (214bhp N/A)

  • BBR Super 200 conversion
  • BBR exhaust
  • Ohlins fully adjustable coilover suspension
  • Summer: Team Dynamics 17" alloy wheels + Yokohama AD08R tyres
  • Winter: Team Dynamics 16" alloy wheels + Michelin Cross Climate+ tyres
  • Carbotech Race pads
  • Alcantara fascia + steering wheel


Nice car. Welcome to the family!

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Nice and welcome to the smile a day club. Enjoy.


Very nice car - welcome!

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Hi and welcome. Enjoy your “5” !

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