New person here from Kent

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Just saying hello. Im a new owner. 2007 Mk3 2.0. Loving it. :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the addiction :grin:

Welcome to the forums. Here’s to many miles of joyful top down motoring on splendid roads.


And lots of advice when things sometimes go a bit pear shaped and you want to sort it out yourself.

Thanks a lot guys.

Welcome from wet and windy Bearsted.

Thanks everyone for the welcome. Yep they are lovely cars. Apart from the clutch and slave master go… I hoping its as bulletproof as people say it is. Lovely to drive and enjoying it.

It has Nankang on the front and Nexen on the back. Odd. Im getting some PS4 tyres this week.

Its a daily driver, so just goood all round tyres is what I need.

Whilst Im here… Anyone recommend a decent audio firm that can supply and fit one of those Pionner audio systems by the way?

Thanks again for the warm welcome.

Hi and welcome, I am a recent member also from Kent hailing from the Swale area. Which part are you from?. I drive a B.R.G na H reg. so if our paths cross give a flash and a wave :