New stinger rqd

Having loaned out my AC ancient arc welder many moons ago to God knows who and never got it back, i decided to invest in a DC welder, it’s a cracking piece of kit but the leads are too short and i am forever dragging it around with me.
This week i managed to ‘find’ about 30ft of 35mm welding/charger cable, so i set about making up new + and - cables, all went well until i over tightened the stinger and split it, damn.
So my hunt is on for a new stinger…any welders out there…ebay, machine mart, screw fix, toolstation?
By the way i am not a traded welder but well versed in welding as it was part of my apprenticeship
‘cough’ years ago.
Also i have an old hand held mask and a full head mask but as i don’t do much welding these days i’ve been looking at this as a hobby welder, anyone used one?

Cheers, Dave.