New to the forum, here's my 1990 Imported Eunos!


I bought her for £100 in a rough state February 2019. She’s needed a lot of work after being off the road for 7 years until it passed its MOT in May 2019. Along the way she’s had Coilovers, Corbeau Forza bucket seats, full exhaust system including headers, O.Z Racing alloys, a home respray and much more. I also had the engine out for a top end rebuild, with a skimmed/ported/polished head and new head gasket, timing belt,seals and clutch.


Miata or Eunos Roadster? I know of a red US Mazda Miata that was converted to RHD in the UK, but retained LHD wipers.

Not a Miata if it’s right hand drive! Presume it’s a Eunos Roadster…otherwise it looks tidy :slight_smile:

It’s a Eunos, she’s a Japanese import!

It’s a Eunos, my bad!