New to the MX-5 life

Hello All, I’m new to the mx5 scene but now totally addicted.

MX-5 Niseko 2008yr 58,000 miles.

Can anyone tell me where to start with where to improve it. I’m thinking set of coil springs? Only had it for 2 months and not digging the land rover look!

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Welcome to the club. Coilovers are definetly a first choice mod. I am looking at doing mine in the near futer. Meisters seems to be the popular fitment. They do fully adjustable Track/Road based systems and have just released a road only system called the Sportives.
Where abouts are you located? There are plenty of specialist garages if your not planning on fitting yourself.


Hello Derek

Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t got a massive budget so was going to just look at springs. If anyone can recommend any.? Would be looking at someone to fit them as well would anyone know from previous dealings what costs I’d be looking at. I’m in the Nottingham area.

Cheers Gareth.

If you are paying someone else to fit the springs, might be worth saving the extra for shocks to replace the 12 year old units you already have. The labour charge will be the same.

I’d recommend contacting Mike Comber at Thrussington Garage in East Goscote (Leics). He’s an MX5 specialist, and runs very successful Mk1 and Mk3 race teams, and can give you good advice on a MK3 solution, and will probably supply as well, as I know he also has (or had) a motorsports ebay parts shop.

Labour; assume £50 a corner to fit, plus £100-150 for an alignment. Mike has the full race setup equipment.

Thanks Saz

I’ll look into that.

Cheers Gareth.