New to the MX5 world!

Hello MX5 Club! My name is Ciaran Elliott and about 2 months back I bought my first Mx5 (the second car I’ve ever owned).

I love it and I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone here and get involved! I’m from Durham - so if there are any meets up and such going on I’d love to join in!

When I bought this car I noticed the Mx5 owners club sticker on the back so whoever the previous owner was must have also been part of this forum, so I thought I’d bring it back.

I’ve always loved the styling of the NC models. What are common upgrades and changes people tend to make to their cars?

Let me know what you guys think, I can only upload one image here apparently so I’ve put them in an Imgur folder.



Welcome, happy Mazda motoring

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Thank you!

Welcome, enjoy your car!

There are a few common easy to do and cheapish upgrades you can look into like a high flow K&N air filter, I just put the IL sports pedal covers on my NC from MX5 parts and they really add to the interior. Have a good look around the net there is tons of stuff you can do.

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Ohh that sounds pretty nice, what do they look like? you got a pick of them?

Also the air filter sounds like a nice idea I’ll look into that now!


My upgrades have been speakers, head unit, cup holder conversation to cubby with phone slot, arm rest, suspension, wheels.

Lots of fun.

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That cupholder conversion sounds interesting! How does it look? :smiley:

Here’s what the pedals look like installed, excuse the mess I need to get round to vacuuming inside!


centre cubby hole conversion.

Others do urgent things like windscreen scuttle gromments and radiator expansion tank replacement. Decent tyres are the best mod of course!


Enjoy your 5. It definitely looks a nice one. If you are ever in the Solent Area, give us a shout and you would be very welcome to join in with our friendly group, on one of our drives or events.:wink:

That looks so clean, I’ll have to look into something like that :smiley:

I’m a big fan of that look, really nice and sporty look!

Really need to tidy up that hot glue mounted hinge :joy:

An unintentional huge improvement is I no longer accidentally activate the windows every five minutes.

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Looks clean though! I might have to consider something similar haha! I need to find a place to put my phone

Agreed! Just purchased an NC 2.0 Sport - which tyres do people recommend?

I’ve heard good stuff about the premium continentals or Michelin tyres!

At the time of buying our car the previous owner had two Rapid p609 (from ATS?) and a pair of Accelera Alpha tyres on the back!

We replaced with a set of Goodyear EfficientGrip - whatever you get will be an improvement.

Other tyres go in and out of favour.

Not many of us drive to the limits of the tyres but . . . .

Is that something purchased or fabricated yourself? Much better use of the space :+1:

MX5 Parts - NOW on 10% Bank Holiday offer - but still expensive

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so do they literally just fit over the existing pedals?