New tyres and alignment have put steering out NC 3.5 Sport Tech

Job of the people doing the alignment. They should have a clamp to hold it in that position

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If you let go of the steering wheel does the car drive straight?

Nope - you can’t blame others…well you can but I’ve found it helps to be clear about what I need and who is doing what…

I make sure I sit in the car…so the wheel idoesn’t move.

And use a spirit level as the eye is easily fooled due to the shape of the dash…

Quick fit are not trained as mechanics. Personally I would bite the bullet and take it to a Mazda dealer or specialist.

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A printout from either of the alignments you have had carried out would be useful :+1:

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Post alignment -

It’s better but still not perfect. This was after the second garages third attempt

Yes it does. It’s like the wheels are aligned with each other correctly and the car holds the road true following cambers a bit as you’d expect but the steering wheel has to be held off centre 5 degrees to the left when on a straight flat piece of road. When I hold the wheel truly level the car veers off to the right, less dramatically than before but it’s still noticeable.

I don’t think I could have been clearer with them, in the end they blamed imperfect roads and the cambers in them. Most roads camber off to the left for drainage but the car veers right when the steering wheel is level so that doesn’t add up to me but after trying and trying to get them to understand I eventually gave up and asked for a refund. My best bet looks like taking it to my local specialist as posted above.

The printout shows the problem, the rear toe is out and that will also affect the thrust angle.
Did they say they actually adjusted the rear?
Im also confused why castor and camber are greyed out, my hunter system shows these highlighted like your toe settings when measuring and adjusting.
Get your money back or ask them to carry out a full four wheel alignment.

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I’ve just called them and been informed they only worked on aligning the fronts, which is frustrating as I asked them to look at all 4, and like you say the rear toe is out but they believed only the fronts are relevant to get the steering level. At least i’m now getting my money back from both garages, will be taking it to MX5expert in the near future. It’s trivial I know but I can’t be the only OCD bloke it annoys

Its not trivial, I cant believe they actually let the car out like that.
I can accept sometimes the steering wheel being a knats ■■■■ off, but sending it out with the thrust angle and rear toe like that is shamefull, waste of a super hunter alignment system.
Once done correctly you will be happy :+1:
Whats really frustrating about this is the printout clearly shows total four wheel alignment, so they have not even followed the idiot proof work menu.


Well that is the correct answer right there.
They didn’t centre and hold the steering wheel when they did the alignment. The actual geometry is correct, just the steering wheel isn’t centred.

It beggars belief that they can do this day in, day out and not know the basics.

“It beggars belief that they can do this day in, day out and not know the basics.”

Sadly, they do know better…they just CBA or don’t care.

Booked in with on the 30th, when they resolve the issue i’ll post the fix in this thread for anyone to refer to in future.

Turns out the fix is just getting someone involved who knows how to align 4 wheels correctly :wink:

The car was crabbing slightly, hence feeling weird to drive.

Asked them to dial out some understeer too, feels great. +1 recommendation for