New week same chaos

“Chaotic scenes were also reported across shops in Merseyside as toilet roll, eggs, bread and milk disappeared off the shelves.”


eh eh eh, calm down…

Ferry cross the Mersea…

Harry Enfield where are you when we need you most?

Kinda reminds us of Brookside - Ch 4 those were the days!! Meanwhile in the southern hemisphere:

“In the public interest, please avoid early, “just in case” or paracetamol medication requests. Such requests may affect the availability of medication to those who are running out and really need them. Our prescribing team and GPs are taking measures to ensure the on-going smooth supply of medication. Thank you for your co-operation.”

You couldn’t make all this response up …

When all this Virus scare started, the first thing that disappeared off the shelves was bog roll, it seems that the first thing people were worried about was wiping their jacksy’s !!? , food and feeding the family seemed to come second , although that’s kicking in now, which proves you can never predict how people are going to react in certain circumstances, Preppers I salute you. :wink: :blush:

"Chaotic scenes were also reported across shops in Merseyside as toilet roll, eggs, bread and milk disappeared off the shelves.”


Some of them had an epiphany and paid for some of it?

Went in Asda this morning, stacks of shopping confiscated off customers at the checkouts, only two items allowed to buy except if it’s a multi pack or an offer.

I got the last 2 bottles of my favourite beer, happy.

Most people do a ‘big shop’ every couple of weeks or once a month. We do. We always use long life UHT skimmed milk for everything and tend to buy a box of 12 on our visits. Saves petrol only visiting the supermarket every few weeks and under current advice minimises contact with others.

So today needing more milk we visited Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and a small Coop. No UHT milk anywhere and it was only at the final Coop that we visited that we found a 4 pint fresh semi-skimmed milk. That will last us 4 or 5 days. Then we will have to do it all over again.

So frustrating and needless

Shops still empty here in the north-west. Got the message last night from work not to come in any more, but to work from home. Fortunately I do IT stuff so it’s just as easy to work from here…

I read earlier today that there is panic buying in the USA now, but the items they are all after are guns.

ASDA today, one shopper today had that many packets of biscuits they couldn’t get them all in one basket to take back to the shelves. She only went out with the two allowed amongst her other shop.
As above my wife needs to take soya milk, usually a certain brand from Tesco. Luckily we have enough as we shopped over a week ago and as usual shop for 4-5 weeks
main shop. It would be impossible to source that now in any quantity thanks to the panic.

I went to a Morrisons this morning, same chaos, we needed a few bits and pieces and ingredients for the weekend fry up, picked up 12 eggs before they were all scooped up by a few greedy selfish morons, as some people were still clearing the shelves and filling their trolly’s, unlike these American preppers that have spent years slowly preparing for such an event, this has all happened within a few weeks, even though there isn’t in fact a food shortage, it seems that the mass panic buying is creating the problem.

The best idea i have heard is for supermarkets to remove all trolleys and make customers use baskets only. try getting 6 packs of toilet rolls in there

We’ve always got eggs from the local farm shop. They first started off selling eggs with there own hens, now it’s a thriving shop with just about everything on offer food wise. On any one day they get through over 9000 eggs, they posted up earlier this week they had sold out.

Maybe there is no panic buying, it’s just that everybody is doing their normal 5 week bulk shop at the same time.:thinking:

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