Newbie from East Kilbride

Hi all, caught the bug and bought my first a MX5 2lt Sports convertible 2007 NC - Graphite Grey in January 2020, then decided to buy another one last week MX5 2lt Roadster Coupe Sport Venture Edition 2014 - Metallic Dark Blue, that I collect tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to the pleasure of taking them out when the weather allows, as it’s presently snowing here. Currently using my Mercedes GLS Grand Edition 2018 for every day driving but much more excited about getting the roof down and driving the MX5’s, when the sunny weather finally arrives. Till then both MX5 cars will be tucked up in my double garage ‘snug as a bug’ and on a trickle charger.

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Hi and welcome !

Under no circumstances use a trickle charger on the battery if the battery is connected to the car.

There are now smart chargers that can be used on the battery when connected to the car but not cheap badly regulated trickle chargers.

Post a picture of your charger.

Welcome fellow venturer. With 2 mk3’s you need to think about getting them rust protected or doing it yourself. Scuttle grommets also need checking and sealing. There are a wealth of posts about both on here.
Then treat yourself to a corten-miller supercharger…

Welcome George

Hope you can join the Central Scotland OC on a run sometime.


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Hi Steven,

I hope to meet the members on Sunday 8th March at Kirkintilloch Golf Club for lunch.