Newbie From Wrexham

Hi everyone
Finally got round to posting something. I bought my first mx 5 about 14 months ago and love it.
First sports car at 60 years old and why not!
2012 metrpolitan grey 1.8 se with 18k on the clock.
Have been nosing on the site a few weeks now and picked some really handy tips.
Looking forward to getting a bit more involved in the forums and also meeting up with fellow owners


Welcome from just up the road in… Chester.

Hello there, same here got mine in March, turned 61 last week though, hopefully there may be some summer left when we are aloud out again.

lots of us about - I’m in Hope.

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Hi Ronnie
I’m in Summerhill

After having two MG Midgets before I was 20, I had to wait until I was 63 before I got my first MX5 18-months ago, having had more than enough boring cars in between. It has brought a new life back to my driving pleasure. Roll on the lock-down lifting, some fine weather, and an open roof… :sunglasses: