Newbie, impulse buy ??


Hello all… newbie Mx5 RF 2.0 Sport Nav owner… Staffordshire area

so I find myself making a purchase I wasn’t expecting, gifted by recent redundancy, but where man & machine are involved can’t help love at first sight can we ??

I love my cars … but I don’t know much at all about this car or the Mx5 heritage it comes from, but in am certainly feeling the ‘fizz‘ an Mx5 brings that I can see so many of you already feel too! ??





Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your MX5 - great photos! 

Id love to share my baby with you, but Pictures, I’m truggling to attach…on the help page it says “you will find a Check box ‘Attach files to this post?’. When you Click on the ‘Post’ button you are redirected to the Attachments Page where you can Upload and Attach Files.”

I cant see this check box, im using tablet rather tham a pc tho…

Any help would be appreciated ??

If you look in the folder ‘Forum rules and FAQ’ there is a thread called ‘Photo tutorial 2018’ which may help you post photos.

Hi, and welcome to the fun.
I’ve never tried the attach file method, I always use a remote host. I used to use photobucket but now use post image. See tutorial in the link below.

Good luck and look forward to seeing you new drive.

Thanks Guys, post edited now with pictures ???

Hello and welcome!  Have fun with your RF!  You will!!!  Can’t help with photo posting, never managed to myself, complete techno-phobe!  

PS: I see you’ve managed to load them up!  Great looking car!!  Didn’t like the looks of the RF at first, but I have to admit they’re growing on me!


Really nice! Pic #5 does it for me though, I love that “miniature” effect!  Are you sure it’s a real car and not just a scale model  glad you’ve mastered the dark art of posting pics on here too!  Enjoy your car and, you sound like a man after my own heart, blow some redundancy money on a new car!  Get in there!


Welcome  Great to see another RF member  

Enjoy the forum and your new car 

Very nice car - welcome! 

Hi and welcome, great photos of a stunning car ??

I mentioned in my original post that i dont know much about MX5’s,  I was wandering if you experts out there can tell from my pictures if my purchase is a bog standard sport nav?

I bought 2nd hand from a BMW dealer who had it in as a px,  with 5k on the clock! They didnt know much about the spec. 


Cheers for any help 

Very smart enjoy

Unsure if the side skirts and spoilers were standard but does look fantastic.