Newbie in Derbyshire

New NC owner

We had been looking at MX5’s for a couple of years but events overtook us and I very sadly lost my Partner in June last year after a two year battle.

Recently I decided it was now or never time so I purchased a 2013 grey 1.8 Venture edition with 39,000 miles in good condition in March. I’ve already enjoyed 250 miles mainly in the Peak District and I’m starting to smile again.

I joined the OC a week ago and I’m hoping to meet up at the North East Midland section when we are able, in the meantime I’ll look out for the waves.

Best wishes
Tony B


Hi Tony, Welcome from South Yorkshire! I’m sorry to hear about your recent past, but it’s great to hear your new motor is bringing the smile back! YOLO is definitely a decent matra to live by, so I hope your decision to treat yourself to the new car continues to lift your spirits and get you back to a happier place!
I’ll be sure to give you a wave if passing :+1:

Hello Tony and welcome from Nottinghamshire.

Firstly I’d like to offer my condolences at the loss of your Partner.

That’s a good move, joining the wonderful world of MX-5 ownership… Yours looks very nice and as I’ve said here before, every mile brings a smile… :slight_smile:

I’m in NE Midlands region too, so might see you out and about…!
All the best


Very sorry to hear about your loss.
Without wishing to sound frivolous; if there are two things that will help lift your spirits at this difficult time, they are a “5” and the Peak District.
We spent last week there, cycling disused railway lines from our favourite Air B & B, just outside of Matlock
All the very best for now

Thank you so much Nick, the responses I’ve already had are exactly the reason why I wanted to join the MX5 crowd.
Best wishes Tony

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[quote=“TonyBarkway, post:5, topic:120334”]
Thank you so much Darryl the responses I’ve already had are exactly the reason why I wanted to join the MX5 crowd.
Kind regards

Thank you so much Rob, the responses I’ve already had are exactly the reason why I wanted to join the MX5 crowd.
Kind regards

Hello Tony and welcome to the OC from Essex . I’m glad to hear that in some small way your MX5 ownership is helping you move forward.

Hello and welcome, from Derbyshire here too, well more South Derbyshire but we regularly visit the peaks.
Hope your purchase eases the tough time you have come through, it does bring lots of smiles per mile especially in our wonderful county.:heart::+1:

Thanks Mick,it is appreciated.
Best wishes

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Welcome from another 2013 venture owner! Lovely car.


Welcome! Tony enjoy the 5 and meet up with some local members and think of the good times and the future…

Hi Tony, very sorry for your recent loss.
I joined the NE midlands over a year ago but with covid there haven’t been any meets, so I also am looking forward to the local meetings. That’s a nice looking car.

Sorry to hear of your sad loss and glad to hear your able to smile again an MX5 does that to you ! Lots of nice friendly people in the club and a strong online community, welcome and may your spirits continue to lift.

Welcome to the Club & the Forum Tony from Central Scotland. So sorry for your recent loss. I hope the “Venture” helps to heal the hole in your life. Car looks great


Many thanks to everyone for their kind messages of welcome, hope to see you at some future events.
Best wishes.

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Hi Tony,
A warm welcome from NE Derbyshire, you’ve made a great choice.

Sorry to hear of your loss but I’m sure you will make many new Friends in the club .

I recognise the area your photo was taken in and as you probably know the B5053 is a great road and the Jervis Arms at Onecote is an excellent pub/restaurant.


Chris and Eileen

Thanks Chris and Eileen,

Very kind of you to reply, we had a walk around Onecote a few years ago but we missed the pub. I’ll try it out when I’m that way again.
Hope to meet you somewhere?
Kind regards and thanks once again.

Hi Tony B,

Like every other member who has replied and others who have read your post, I too am very sorry to hear of your loss. It know it will have been very difficult but I do think owning a MX5 will help at times to make things a little better. I know when I feel blue I will take my NA out for a good drive and I concentrate on the sensation of the car and will think of little else. We’re both incredibly lucky to have the Peaks on our doorstep, it is a fabulous place and on a quiet morning is a the most brillaint place to drive.

So infact if you ever fancy a morning spin out let me know!

All the best,

Thanks very much Nick, your words are so kind. My experience of the OC has already made it so worthwhile for me. I’m looking forward to a monthly meeting soon and a ride one morning in the peak would be great.
Hope to meet up before too long.
Best wishes