Newbie looking for advice

Hi guys, i am on the lookout for a mk3 sport tech 2.0, i have a healthy budget of around 8k bit more if needed for the right car, new to mx5s so would welcome any advice and pointing in the right direction, ideally i think a convertible not the hard top is the one i would be looing at


Sorry Mark it looks like no one is responding to you. I can’t help much as I’m an NA owner which is a completely different car.

The one thing I can say is MX5s rust. The suspension arms and subframes are never that well protected in the factory and salt and abuse takes their toll in the U.K.

8k is probably a healthy budget but do look underneath it. There are millions of adverts for MX5s of all models that show nice interiors, clean engine bays and empty boots.

Look underneath it as that tells an important story. It’s not going to look new but some folks flash round pictures of pretty hideous rust hiding in the corners on the nc.

If you use the search function you will find plenty of previous questions and responses on this subject. Same with most other queries, chances are that someone has already asked the question and the various solutions have been put forward.
Same with Google and U Tube but be aware that some of these are better than others……

I’ve just had a look and there are plenty in that price range on Autotrader. If you are not in a hurry, perhaps wait for one to come up for sale on here - it is likely to have been well cared for, though some people make major mods - turbos, lowered springs etc.

In case you don’t know, the hard top retracts electrically (in about 13 seconds, and some people have added a one-touch button so you don’t have to keep the switch pressed) so I think you have the best of both worlds. I think the 2.0L 6 speed is a great car.

Whatever else, look out for serious / structural rust - most other things can be sorted. If you buy one that hasn’t got decent underseal, get it done as a top priority.

Read up as much as you can on the NC’s, search the forum. There is rather a good deal to be said about the NC, it will take me ages, all good of course but a few negatives. Those negatives would be the rust that can get into the sills/rear wheel arch areas.
My advice…

For your budget try finding an NC2 it’s reportedly got the stronger engine. I’ve had the NC1, absolutely nothing wrong in that, it ran very sweetly indeed, they need and it goes for any MX-5, looking after with proper servicing, oil changes etc and they will serve you well
I’d go for the 2 litre engine option, probably a Sport Tech in your price range. BTW they changed to NC2 around 2009, previous to that it was NC1 from launch around 2005/6.
If you’ve searched the usual sites for sale you’ll notice loads up for grabs from main dealers to back street type dealers, tread with caution, go see the cars in person. Inspect under the car not just the pretty stuff up top.
If you can I’d choose to look at what the owners club have up for sale on their site (this one) over and above an auction site or app based site like Autotrader etc…

Be patient, one will turn up just for you.

Thanks for the useful info, will keep a look out :+1: