Newbie looking to buy

Hi, i have joined to get advice, I am looking for a nice clean mk2 for my sons 21st Birthday, Thinking about an 04 with low mileage, can anyone give me some advice on what I should be looking for and how much I should be paying,. We have just spent the last 3 years doing up Land rover Defender 90 and although its been fun and cost us a fortune its time to sell it so Jnr wants something sporty and loves the MX5s, Me, i’m moving to the dark side and getting a Jeep Wrangler. Any advice would help, I have seen a nice dark metallic blue 04 with 70,000 on it for £2000 has service history and no rust. I’m not in to big a hurry as his birthday isn’t until late Oct so will prices better late Sept. Any advice would help.


Also any advice on insurance for a 21 year old

Welcome. Prices do drop a little as summer ends but Not a huge amount. Caution though as if you leave it too late choice dwindles as people decide not to sell over summer. 

With any car you buy check the mot history first

The MX5 MK2 is no stranger to rust so check the sills and front chassis legs.

 A point to consider is that these cars sit low on the road so if buying for my son I would pay extra and buy a MK3.


Welcome to the forum, good luck with your search

I wouldn’t hold your breath on a £2k 2004 MX5 being rust free.

There is another thread on buying £2k MX5s being a bit of Rusty Roulette.

We have really clean ,rust free, yes rust free, 2001 mk2.5 1.6 for sale in Dublin. Around 2100pounds with new soft top fitted. Only 57k genuine miles.Bog thing with this car is it rust free not like the UK ones that often suffer major rust on sills and front chassis legs.We are only few minutes from Dublin Airport or Dublin Ferry Port from Holyhead

If it was me I would look elsewhere,that would be a 14 year old car probably full of rust,I certainly wouldn’t want my son driving an old mx.Try the usual route of a later small hatch.

…and while you’re at it, tell him not to drink beer or chat up girls either