Newbie NB owner

I’ve bought myself a 2001 NB , not the best liked version of an MX5 but it has a slight mod, it’s a Rocketeer conversion.
I’m looking for the best chassis stiffening methods, i don’t like the scuttle shake and need advice for good mods. Was thinking of the bolt on chassis rail stiffeners and something similar to the Fling Miata Strongarm, what do think?


Well done, good choice. Everyone has their favourite and the NB is far from unloved. I had a 2000 MY in black and it was a good fun car to own.


Had our last MX for 17 years, (NB 2.5), and when all is said and done it is probably my favourite model! Initially we had a Mk1, but now I prefer the looks of the Mk2. Never got the chance to own a Mk3 as we went straight to our current ND which is great, but being “newer” it seems to lack the character of the mk2…although my tastes will probably change again at some point.

I wAs looking for a NA but came across this ready converted NB, Now I have it, I’m taking a liking to the shape. Will be trying out some trackdays later this year when I can improve the suspension, brakes and chassis.


Welcome to MX5 ownership!

Am I right in thinking that a rocketeer conversion is a 3 litre Jaguar V6 engine??

Had our NB-FL many years. In my view, Mazda installed the best quality interiors in them ever in terms of leather & plastics…bordering on Audi/ VW "VAG which is why we still see their seats etc fetching strong money.
Apart from that, I’ll leave it to others re mods but I doubt much needs doing in terms of torsional rigidity really. These shells are much stiffer than Mk1’s to begin with. No room for turret bracing by the looks of though…however effective they really were?
We don’t get scuttle shake in ours…but it’s on OEM suspension and suffers a Hardtop.

Nice torquey & creamy (circa) 230/ 240-odd bhp…but I think some people hoiked that up a good bit. Lovely install…and the light alloy mill & bits is not heavier as to induce under-steery piggery apparently.
Aint no substitute for cubes…

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It is Jaguars 3.0 V6, over square and Revy engine, mine is 258bhp & 225ft lb.
Also looking for some seats that are slimmer and lower as I’m 5’11” and sit too high in the car with my legs lacking space.
Wife loves it, especially after being a passenger in my very draughty Westfield.
First mod I’ve done is fit an electric aerial as the screw in mast wouldn’t last long around here.

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Try Flyin miata online catalogue for examples of all the bracing available. I’ve had stiffer floor rails welded in mine as it was being restored but as yours will be solid bolting floor rail stiffeners May be the way.