Newbie NC1 - Winchester, Hampshire

Hi Everyone.

Picked up a NC1 on Saturday and just getting to know it. Had a delightful drive home through central London in the rain and darkness as a first trip but thoroughly enjoyed it with the top down, heated seats on and obligatory bobble hat on.

Apparently the car has a number of factory fit options(?) but I’m not too clued up so looking forward to learning lots over the coming months and years. It’s in good condition from what i can tell but not a garage queen and is going to be my daily for the time being. Plan for the moment is to make sure everything is working, get the usual maintenance done and just enjoy driving it!

Oh! and i thought someone might recognise the car as it has an MX5OC sticker on both of the A pillar windows so has clearly its been owned by someone here before!



Nice car! (The original NC is my favourite of the NC shapes.)

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Welcome Phil, all you need now is a relative to buy you a FULL membership, so you can enjoy all of the club benefits…that way you will be part of your local area and meet other club members…

Welcome, nice colour

Welcome, from a fellow Wintonian NC-owner called Philip!

As others have said, it’s worth becoming a full club member, especially as the local region is very active and (in non-Covid times) holds many activities. Hopefully we’ll get to meet at one of them.

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Nice colour combination Phil - but of course I would say that, wouldn’t I…


Early jobs are to change/check the windscreen scuttle grommets and also change the radiator expansion tank bottle/container. Both easy jobs. Google, or DuckDuckGo, will tell you more. Enjoy!

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Very nice indeed.


Thanks Meneer, I’ll read up on those this evening and get them done! I’m building up a nice list of easy maintenance/fixes to work my way through during lockdown :slight_smile:

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The connoisseurs choice clearly. Not sure about the additional chrome bits on mine though so might try to get it looking a bit cleaner like yours.

Thanks John, look forward to it and getting out and about with some of the community!

This pic was taken a couple of years ago when I bought it and ironically I’ve added a few bits of trim, so we’re going in opposite directions :slight_smile: Mind you I prefer brushed chrome to shiny (many would disagree, but there’s no accounting for taste).

Each to their own! I must admit the chrome luggage rack has grown on me since seeing it in the flesh. It’s a proper factory fit option with integrated brake light so i think that will stay.

The only thing I’m dubious of are the chrome surrounds on the rear lights - there was a guy (knob) i knew in college who had bought a poor-mans version from Halfords and stuck them on his car. Sadly i now cant help but be reminded of him every time i look at them, so i think they will have to go at some point :rofl:

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A Good percentage of mk3 owners have the chrome rear light surrounds I always have brought them for our mk3 versions over the years


Welcome! Same body colour as my NC1, I’m just down the road in Southampton.

These cars are very sensitive to what tyres / condition etc they are on. I changed all 4 of mine after finding that they were all budget tyres with 3 different brands and different ages. … also imperative is getting a proper 4 wheel laser alignment done by Nick at the Southampton wheel alignment centre.

After changing the tyres and getting the alignment done it was transformed. These cars are all about the handling, don’t worry about what power they produce.

Sadly it seems that Nick (who did the alignment on my NC3 shortly after I bought it) may have ceased trading according to this thread on PistonHeads.

Thanks for the advice Andrew - currently running some decent Bridgestones which seem ok so far! Wheel alignment is on the list so thank you for the recommendation as I’ve now been told to do it by quite a few people so must be important!

Thats a shame. Are there any others that people recommend - I’m quite keen to get someone to give it a once over and let me know what they think needs refreshing/tweaking and review for rust etc.

My local mechanic is a bit of a petrol head and has a drift car he runs but doesn’t have any mx5 experience per se so keen to speak with an expert.