Newbie with EGR question

Hi I’m new on here so hoping I’m in the right area. I have an engine management light on and code reader is bringing up and egr problem. I am now on my third EGR. Once fitted I can drive around ok, then if I shut down the engine and start it back up the engine management light comes on. Does anyone have any ideas or had this problem before???
Thanks in advance

Are your replacement EGR’s new units or from breakers.

They have been from breakers. It’s odd that once I wipe the code it works fine with no EM light until I switch the engine off and back on again

What model car ?
I assume if you’ve replaced the EGR 3 times, it’s not a MK3, as these are a pig to get to.

It’s a MK2.5

If they are all faulty it is not weird at all.

Oh OK I thought if there was a fault on the EGR it should be there straight away. Think I’ll source a new EGR then

If you have an NB, then failed EGR valves damage the PCM, in effect shorting them to a 12 volt live.