Newly purchased 2002 MX5 mk2.5 turbo set up needed

I have just purchased a 2002 MX5 mk2.5 turbo, and it needs a bit of setting up I think.  The car yard I purchased the car from did not have too many details re: the turbo installation, apart from the fact it was installed by the garage who do the Car SOS TV show builds.  It is running rough in the lower gears, and really bogs down when trying to put your foot down, like its getting too much fuel (petrol smell and occasional pop).  The boost gauge appears to be building boost.  The car drives fine in 4th and 5th, I drive it from Liverpool to London with not too many issues, just a few hiccups at the services.  The car like to cut out when coasting up to a stop with the clutch engaged, revs drop to about 500, then a cut out.  The car starts again fine, and the car generally feels ok, engine is smooth, no funny noises or rattles.


I put on my ODB2 sensor and the engine is showing P1170 code.  I am thinking it needs a good tune/map.  Any suggestions for locations near-ish North London?




Not exactly adjacent, but you could try Skuzzle Motorsport

Cheers, have researched them, seem like the best. Just a bit of a drive from me :confused:

I considered buying this car, but the seller didnt reply to any emails I sent him. Hope you get it sorted okay.

@6500rpm You dodged a bullet. Just back from Skuzzle Motorsports, car would need an ECU, Injectors, Fuel lines and a dyno run. About £1600 worth of gear to run correctly. The current set up is using the stock ECU and fuel pressure regulator turned up . The car only really works on boost, when off boost the car runs like crap, and is constantly cutting out at the lights.

Decided to get MX5 Works to check it over as well, as I got all my work on my old MK2 done there. Car had a new MOT in August, they checked the ‘minor’ rust on the sills…Sills rotten, had a cheap body filler and paint, arches starting to go. And the best part the passenger side chassis rail had a 40cm crack in it. He said no way this could have been MOT correctly/honestly based on those issues. If taken to his MOT guy, it would not be allowed to leave the building until everything rectified. Would be at least £6 worth of body work to fix.

Called the car yard, explained the issues, and he offered a refund and to pick up the car straight away (still waiting for exact details), so I suspect he knew the issues already. Its a pain as I spent 3 hours swapping my BBS wheels onto the car, need to swap them back now. gggrrrrrrr

Might have to get my old one fixed now…

Damn bad luck.  Wonder if he will just relist it.  Least he has done the decent thing and seems to have refunded you without too much pressure.