Next track day steps

Have an NC and recently started doing track day’s and now I know I enjoy it wanna prep the car a bit more.

Currently have lowering springs, ARB’s, yellow stuff pads and dot 5.1 fluid. Ps4 tyres.

Was thinking either some cup 2 tyres or kw coilovers. However only have the money for one at the moment so which is more worth it?

Also are there any quick cooling mods I can do to get more air flowing through the engine bay.

Much as I would like to say get tyres first and get “these,” it will be pointless having more grip without the suspension to cope with it. I expect the car already rolls considerably.
I would talk to someone who supplies Meister suspension first, or talk directly to Jerick Lo who you will find on Facebook.
Next up, if you have more grip you will likely need better brake pads. I am aware Yellow Stuff are popular and that EBC have recently done a series of videos promoting the product however personal racing experience would say they are not optimal! If you want to stay EBC I would go for Blue.
5.1 fluid again is more to do with ABS systems and while it has a high boiling point it is more compressible and absorbs water quicker than 4 fluids, of which there are a number of very good high temperature products.

Thanks, will look into the Meisters.
What advantages would I see from the blue over yellow? I found that the yellows performed brilliantly, my first track day (which was cut short due to my car blowing an engine) I had standard pads and they couldn’t last a lap. Whereas my next track day (new engine and all) I had the yellow stuffs and felt like I could just keep on going. How would blues improve on this?

I have sent you a PM.

I was curious too so found this direct from the EBC web site. (Which you have probably read before buying anyway). :+1:

In addition they have a very useful tool where you can put in what use, the weight and power which then gives you the best optimum recommendation.

In addition. Just an observation and opinion.
Dot 4 and Dot 5.1 brake fluids are glycol based and will therefore absorb moisture over a period of time. Hence, why they recommend you change the fluid as per the manufacturers recommended period.
My opinion would be, they would “probably” do so at a very similar rate like for like.
Dot5.1 does have a higher boiling point as you know and is not just specific for ABS systems.
DOT 5 is silicon based and does not absorb moisture content.
Suitability would need more research for a specific system etc etc.
Used on the much newer modern cars.
Glycol and silicon fluids are not compatible.
Enjoy your racing it’s fun! :+1: