‘No Activity’ Aussie comedy

Ok Hi Guys
Thought long and hard as to whether this clip would ‘go down ‘(No pun intended) well as some comedy light relief!
I think it’s hilarious and worth watching again and again, as it could apply to loads of frustrating situations and hapless politicians’ ineptitude…all this is just my humble opinion and I’m a bit zany, especially with tv humour!
Hope people enjoy it, if swearing isn’t your bag, oops…


“Appropriate” emotional use of Anglo-Saxon profanity - Aussies use it so much better than us Brits

Ah… a like minded soul!..
The Racism sketch after it is a short ‘classic’
There were two seasons shown on bbc2 last year ish
It was on I-player for a bit , then vanished!
They were made by Aussie company ‘Stan’
It’s like trying to find rocking horse do-do to see episodes now!
What a f*ckin shame!