No File Uploads Option in New Forum Posts


I just tried to upload a copy of the ‘Programme of Events 2020’ file (Excel), but it looks as though this new system doesn’t support the uploading of files into posts anymore. It will only accept image uploads.

If that is indeed the case, it looks as though we’re going to have to find and use an external file repository if you still want to continue with publishing the Events files.


Hi Graham,

Ok, thanks for the heads-up on that one.

I will take a look and see what I can find and get back to you. I may be a while but I will get there and hopefully proffer you some advice :wink:

Best Regards

Okey-dokey Mal :+1:

Hi, its just a case of getting the settings right, we can have uploads, but the preference is going to be for all documents (other than photos) to be a pdf which is far better for all, rather than word, excel, and the many other different formats that some may then have issues with and can potential pose a security risk to people.

Sorry Martin…I’m slightly confused…easy done where I’m concerned, but are you saying that you will be allowing file uploads??

I believe we can limit uploading to be in .pdf only format, if Mal is agreeable?

I’ve just tried cut 'n pasting the contents of the .xls and .pdf files we normally upload, and the quality aint good with it being converted into .png image files when pasting into here!


Graham, we’re discussing it with mods now. Things such as excel can hide code we don’t want to then pass on which can be harmful. PDF is a lot more secure, and is far better for all concerned.

Okay Martin, fully understand the reasoning behind wanting to steer clear of allowing Excel format. I’m pretty sure Mal (Rowland) and Terry (Botto) would be happy to go with .pdf only. I seem to recall each time I went to update to the latest versions of the files on the old system, it was the .pdf version that was being d/loaded the most.

Keeping fingers crossed that your discussions result in allowing .pdf format uploads :crossed_fingers:


Good to see PDF format is being considered, as this would be most useful for AC’s, as information cannot be altered once posted. I tried converting our 2020 programme to PDF and copying into a post and it bounced, saying unsupported format.

This was quickly resolved by just simply copying and pasting.



Martin ,

Totally agree with your statement there, ref PDF files. Its definitely the way to go and is readable by all and cannot be tampered with, which was the main reason we used it, in my working career, as security was paramount.
Many thanks for all your efforts on here.