(NO LONGER SELLING) 2016 Mx5 Mk4 (ND) Recaro edition (Number 500 of 600) Ceramic White

The car I’m offering for sale is an 2016 Mx5 Mk4 (ND) Recaro edition, The car is located near Alfreton - Derbyshire / Colne - Lancashire.

Owned since new, technically i am the second owner as the car was a cancelled order prior to PDI, so I have owned the car since 7 miles on the clock. Presently has 24,000 miles and full service history at Mx5 specialist CBS Autos in Lancashire where Carl has maintained this since it was new. The car was under sealed from new and the car was serviced and MOT’d this week and is still immaculate and the MOT will last until August 2021.

The car has been smoke free, pet free and kept clean and is tidy with no car park dents etc, the odd small stone chips as to be expected with today roads, all alloys are like new. Car has been run on Shell V Power Nitro since new.

Reason for sale is I am due to upgrade to a Jaguar F-Type 3.0 V6 S convertible, It will be a shame to sell the Mk4 as it has been the best Mx5 I have ever owned but this will be my last chance at having a Jaguar F-type.

If you wish to ask any questions please contact me on 07890 757841 Pete or 07891 676437 Dave

Dave / Pete Smith (me and my dad own 2 Mx5’s between us so why not get a jag and a Mx5 :grin:)

Sorry the car is not clean for the pictures but didnt want to put an add up with no images.

IMG_0321 IMG_0324 IMG_0325 IMG_0327

keep the mazda

If we’re having an on-line poll I’d vote to keep the Sport Recaro and sell the other one.

Just an opinion I would keep the Mazda too. I looked at the Jaguar F Type before buying my MX5 and customer reviews really put me off.
Good luck with the sale though :+1:

if you test drive an f type you,ll definitely want it but keep one of your mexies and you,ve got the best of both worlds

If I could afford an F-type, I’d hope I could afford to have more than one car and the corresponding garage space. I’d buy back the Mk2.5 I sold earlier this year, the Honda S2000 I sold in 2016 and keep the ND. That’s four, for starters.

I do like the F-type, but as a daily it wouldn’t be practical, for me. I also like the Recaro in ceramic, I think it’s the nicest looking of the ND editions.

Thanks all for your thoughts, after thinking about it for a few days we are going to take the car to Roddisons in Sheffield for some tweaking.

Appreciate all your opinions and advise!

Dave &Pete