Noise from wheel when turning left

I have an mk2 MX5 2006. Just after MOT which had welding done on the wheel arches (rusted), I noticed a strange noise coming from the right wheel, like a low droning noise only when the wheel is turned left. It happens at any speed, even 5 mph and starts as soon as turn the wheel.
Does anyone know the cause of this? I thought maybe wheel bearing but since it’s just passed it’s MOT I thought maybe not

2006, Mk3?
Front, rear wheel?

Ah, sorry, front offside wheel, no, it’s mark 2. Special edition. I think it was registered late or something

are the inner arch liners fixed back properly after the welding?

There’s no arch liners on it. It’s all metal. It was only fist sized holes that were welded, then underbody paint put over it