Norfolk Five's Barry & the jets run to RAF Coltishall Sunday 17th July

Hi oddjob dave i have added your son to the list.
He will be pinching your other five soon.
Many thanks Chris.

Hi Chris, if you have space for me to tag along it would be much appreciated.


Hi Chris - this is just up my street. Please count me in.

Richard W.

Hi Kevin,
I have now added you to the list look forward to seeing you Chris.

Hi Richard,
I have now added you to the list its going to be a good run out.
Many thanks Chris

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Hi Chris
Now Back from holiday and covid !!!

Please can you put Alan and Lynda Wright down please

Hello Chris could you add Paul & sue to the list please ap16 zfy

Hi Alan,
Hope you are both feeling better?
The event is full at present but i am starting a reserve list incase we can secure more spaces,
I will add you to the 1st place on the reserve list.
Many thanks Chris.

Hi Paul.
Sorry the event is now full it has been a very popular one. I am starting a reserve list as we are trying to secure some more spaces. I will now add you to the reserve list and keep you up to date.
Many thanks Chris.

Hi Chris ,could you add Claire and I to the reserve list.

Ok Chris thanks

Hi David,
I have now added you both to the reserve list fingers crossed we get some more spaces.
Many thanks Chris and see you soon.

Hi Chris
Can you put us on the reserve list please. It’s a bit late I know.
Millsey & Tracey

Hi Millsey, i have now added you to the reserve list, we should know tomorrow if we have extra spaces.
See you soon Chris

This looks like a great day out. Can’t do it as I’ll be lazing on a beach in Greece!