Norfolk Five's Monthly Meet Wednesday 15th September Social & Tyre Kick

Norfolk Fives Monthly meets are back.
Septembers Wednesday 15th Monthly meet is great chance to get together to see all the upcoming events we have planned, catch up with fellow mx5 owners and see some great five’s.
whilst the nights are still nice this is going to be a social get together and a tyre kick, with the great chance to have some of the lovely food on offer at the Bird in hand make the most of the nice nights as we will soon be into the dreaded winter months.

We will be going over some of our past events that have happened and talking about some exciting upcoming events, everyone is welcome the only thing we are still asking you to do is register to secure your space. whilst the pub is still very busy and to be fair to them so we don’t take up the whole car park, we are limited to 35 cars this is still only temporary and hoping to have the limit lifted soon.
Please arrive from 7 for the meeting to start at 8.00, if you would like to arrive sooner and see the fives arrive it is fine, and also we recommend you book a table if you would like to eat at the restaurant. Remember the meeting is held in the Victoria room to the right hand side of the bar.
please register below or message me, just clicking going on Facebook doesn’t secure your space.
many thanks Chris and Katie

  1. Chris & Katie
  2. Paul & Lisa
  3. Dave P
  4. Simon A
  5. Barry & Joan
  6. David & Marcia
  7. David H
  8. Phil & Rona
  9. Kevin A
  10. Martin V
  11. Paul & Sue D
  12. Mike W
  13. Laurie
  14. Richard W
  15. Caz P
  16. Mark W
  17. Phil & Rona
  18. Matt
  19. Ben W
  20. David S
  21. Tom
  22. Alan W
  23. Chris D
  24. Jerry
  25. Brendan
  26. Bridget and James
  27. New member (Barry’s friend)
  28. Glen Allen
  29. John W
  30. Andrew W

Hi, yes please Chris,
Paul & lisa

I’ll be there cheers Chris :ok_hand:t2:

Book me in Chris please

Hi Chris could you add Barry and joan please

Hi Chris. We are newish members so would love to come. Please add us. David and Marcia

Add me to the list please.

Hi Barry
i have now added you both to the list, many thanks Chris and look forward to seeing you both.

Hi David
i have now added you both to the list, look forward to meeting you both and seeing your five.
Many thanks Chris

List has now been updated and we are at 11 cars.
thanks every one.

Put me down again Thanks Mike W

Hi Chris
Please pop me down for this.

Hi Chris,
Could you add me to the meeting list please.
Thanks, Laurie

Hi Chris - please put me down for the tyre kicking. May avoid the Victoria Room if it’s as hot and stuffy as last week. We live in dangerous times!

Hi Mike, you are now on the list look forward to seeing you.

Hi Kevin, you have now been added to the list.
Many thanks Chris

Hi Laurie
I have now added you to the list, look forward to seeing you and your shiny five again.
Many thanks Chris.

Hi Richard
You have been added to the list, the pub has said we can open the patio doors into the garden if the weather is good so finger crossed for a good night, will be nice to catch up and glad you are coming back to the events.
Many thanks Chris

Thanks Chris. We will be there in a Black Roadster😊

Can you add Mark W. He is looking at joining N Fives and will come in his Mk4. I’ll look after him.