North Thames Christmas Dinner - Saturday 13th December

This year, we have decided to do something a
little different for Christmas, and for the first time, we are having a
dinner rather than a lunch. The venue is the Holiday Inn Brentwood,
located at the junction of the M25/A12.

The cost per head is £25.00 of which £10.00 is non refundable in the event of cancellation.

We have made the initial booking but should be able to secure additional places. If you wish to come along please contact:-

Gillian Fearon
28 Denner Road,
E4 7SQ
(Tel No. 020 8524 9098)

The idea is to meet in the lounge/bar from 6.30pm onwards and to sit down to dinner at 7.30pm.

If you wish you can stay overnight by booking directly with the
hotel quoting the festive rate. The cost is £59.00 per room including
breakfast for up to 2 people. If you want to treat yourselves you can
book an Executive Room for a supplement of £25.00. To book a room, you
need to ring the Holiday Inn direct on 0870 400 9012

Full details and menu are posted on the North Thames web site at

Booked so far....
Andrew & Gillian Fearon
Eric & Brenda Terry
Drew & Dee Ford
Andrew & Fiona Ford
Andrew Islam & Carol Minto
Angela Fleming & Dave Humphreys
Peter Esders & Nicola Heath
Pauline & Steve Rampling
Don Baikie
Dave & Eileen Perry
Jim & Kim Hawkins
Les & Nicola Daniels
Alan & Olivia Doodes
Peter & Marion Gaywood

I would just like to thank Gillian for all the hard work she put in to make the night a great success.

Also thanks to all those who came along.

Yup.  Bren and I had a great night.  Thanks for organising it Gillian.
Don’t know why it is that although I’m half deaf in one ear I found the music so bl***y loud. Still, it was OK in the lounge and had some interesting conversation.

Thanks to Gillian for organising the evening.

It was nice to meet new and existing members,i must admit i was shattered by and i didn’t full over once,
why don’t we do this once a month at the eagle.