Not impressed with insurance

Unimpressed with Lancaster.
Got a renewal quote from LV today for Mx5 and Seat Leon.
Itvwas ok but thought I would try club insurers Lancaster.
After filling in interminable boxes I had to phone them.
More details much the same all ok but he had to check with the underwriters first.
He came back and couldn’t insure me on my MX5 and the Leon was nearly £100 more than LV!
Why couldn’t the MX5 be insured? Well I had a remap to cure the flat spot with minimal increase in bhp, plus I wanted my friend added for when we go on jaunts. No convictions and minimal mileage,
These are the 2 reasons.
LV have no such problems.
My second quote was with Admiral no probs this time except the cost was £100 more than LV without the breakdown cover I have on the Mazda!
Not worth looking any further…

You’ve dodged a bullet to be honest, the reviews on Lancaster are shocking, I would never use them. Greenlight are very good and competitive.

I was surprised by Direct Line when I asked about additional premium for lowering (now done) and remapping (considering). As long as I advised them they said there’d be no loading for the 30mm drop or for a power increase of up to 10% of original spec.

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Thats odd because I was with Direct Line for my daily and asked forva quote last year. No mods other than small remap. They were not interested in insuring.
I went to LV forvboth and so far they are still best value.

I have got two Eunos 1800s insured with Lancaster on a multicar policy, one car is a highly tuned Eunos Cammed / headwork running aftermarket programmable ECU and throttle bodies the other is stock. I have found them easy to deal with and a reasonable price for both cars.

One thing you can be sure of with insurance companies :thinking: - they’re predictably unpredictable! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Exactly this!
Before I bought my ND I got a quote on compare the market with “quote me happy” for £170 with zero excess and a start date of 30th April.
I went back on after I bought the car, amended the start date, and “quote me happy” were no longer quoting at all, next best was RAC with a £150 excess, so that was slightly frustrating.
I’m sure their prices and eligibility are totally random from one day to the next!!

Remaps can make for far more erratic quotes, I found that when I did my Focus ST. Some companies were only a tenner difference, some shot through the roof, and others wouldn’t touch it at all.

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