Now this could make me change my mind about the MK3

Oooooh, lovely

Looks the biz. [:P]
But what if it rains?

It looks like a removable aerodeck hood cover… so there should be a hood lurking under there… if not you get wet

 Aero deck and ride height look spot on. That front bumper is vile though.

I agree. Wannabe Aston front ends are very sad

Aston front end looks better than standard though IMHO not so bland.

not sure about the shag pile looking carpet and the brown 1970’s Moris Ital look interior but i love the outside look!

No no no no you do not put a brown interior in a black car !! … well not in my opinion.

s*d the aerodeck … look at the flippin shine !!

Car looks amazing. I’ll have to get the polish out again.

 Yes Adrian you need to shine up your car!!  Like hell! polish it any more and you’ll go through the paint!
CLIVE - PS Dunc’s car looks fab and it is getting him business - well done SOLAR GRAPHICS