Num Plate problem on my new car?

Hi Guys,


This week I’am buying this lovely MX-5:

Problem is as you can see from the picture,the number plate is square rather than rectangular. The back number plate is rectangular but the front is not. What sort of problems could i be getting myself into and will i need to buy a new rectangular number plate for the front.


Many Thanks to anyone that can help me.

Hi if you take a look on this web site it may help.Good Luck


Im not too bothered about the size or shape of the numberplate. I just thought it was illigal to have that shape of number plate on the car? I dont want to get myself in trouble. Im going to be the first UK owner of the car so thats why im unsure about the car numberpltae.

As the car is an import those plates are legal… my imported Legnum had them.  You could swap the front one by buying a plinth from MX5parts or getting a stick on one… see here:

This was a legal font size for an import [:D]


But it could get you a £30 FPN from some officers of the law…

 Imported cars CAN have a smaller plate IF a standard one does not or cant be fitted due to the recess, If a correct size one can be fitted it should be… Its not a FACT that if it is an import it MUST have a smaller plate.

The shape of a car plate is rectangular or Square… (Only Motorcycles are NOT permitted to have rectangular plates , they must have Square ones)

True, I didn’t mean it was legal, just that as you say they can’t be fitted cus they won’t fit so have a rectangular plate…

Just don’t drive across the Welsh border, as they have nothing better to do than irritate legal drivers because thier plate is not quite correct… frikkin’ heddlooooooo [:@]

Thank you all for your help.So hopefully i should be able to drive the car with this number plate and not expect any problems?


Apart from the pointing fingers and the sniggering …[:D]


My Eunos has a Jap square plate front and back as fitted on import by Dandy I believe. Its been in the country some years now with no probs. Its good as I have a MAZ plate and it means the MAZ is at the top with the numbers underneath. I think if the characters are in standard font not something arcane or fussy its not a problem, the concern being recognisability by cameras [:)]

That car wil have a number plate holder for a square plate. However IIRC the number should be on 2 lines not one as shown

We have had no problems thus far.

Ok guys hopefully I will be ok with the numberplate although I will probably stick on rectangular number plates when I feel the need to. Thanks again for the help.


Dino Great looking car

go for it ENJOY

number plate issue is no big deal

You pays yer money and makes yer choices …[H]

had no issues with this one either

Its probably rather obvious to point out that the Hyundai Coupe is sold with a square front plate, yet there appears to be no earthly reason why Hyundai chose the bucktoothed look, besides that they were lazy.


If you replace the front plate with a more conventionally shaped plate, you will probably find lots of scratches from 10 years of trapped dirt. The new numberplate holder won’t really cover them that well.