OBDII Diagnostic Interface

I picked up one of these from ebay last week which turned up today. For less than £8 delivered and used alongside the Torque app on my HTC it works very well indeed on my NC (and I assume NB facelift too). Great for reading and clearing fault codes and data logging engine parameters. The app does loads more once you start getting into it.

 will this work with a 2005 Mk2.5 1.8


Not tried it but I see no reason why it won’t.

 did it come with the software disc so you can connect to a PC instead of a smart phone

There was a disc but mine got broken in the post so I’m not sure what it’s for.

 how are you getting on with this is it any good

It seemed to be good while I was using it but I’ve changed my HTC for and iPhone and it doesn’t work with that… It was a bit of a pig to get the bluetooth to connect at times but once connected worked fine.

 Can up you not tap the sellers for the software Rob, which they could just send a link or the file by e-mail, worth seeing how it works with a lap top, if it does? for other owners to get one to use, with a link.



The ELM adapter works fine with the Mk 2.5.  I have the bluetooth version and use it with an Android phone. There are several apps available both free and paid, I like Torque but OBD Car Doctor and Scanmaster are usefull.  The software that comes with the device is for use with a PC but is not much good, however there is plenty availabe online, just Google OBD software.

I have however failed to get it to work with my laptop probably due to bluetooth connection problems. So if you want to use it only with a laptop it might be better to the buy the USB version ot the adapter.